La Bronza


LA BRONZA – the extra virgin

The oil La bronza takes its name from the toponym of the place in the countryside of Dignano d’Istria where the olive grove is situated: a land for millennia devoted to the cultivation of the vine and especially of the olive. The Forlani family is one of the oldest in Dignano d’Istria (according to the parish books this family was here already in 1580) and was always dedicated to agriculture and like all the families in Dignano  was also enaged in olive growing of particular autochthonous varieties of olive as: the male and female busa of Dignano, the Dignano carbonera, the Dignano morasola, the bianchera, the rossignola of Parenzo etc. Well, all these historical varieties of olives and still others, also introduced, in total almost fifteen, are present in the oil La bronza that makes it an original blend, unique and complete: typically Istrian.



You can order the oil by e-mail:  ennio.forlani(at)


price list:

0,5l 10€
 0,75l  13€
1l 16€
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